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Entering its 10th year our team has now raised more than $2.3 million for Children's Hospital Colorado since our start in 2005... In 2014, our sponsors and 271 cyclists raised $365,000+ for the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. In 2015, please join us in the fight against childhood cancer.

WoJ Update: $208K & 197 Riders; WoJ Jersey Dedication; Important Courage Classic Info

Please scroll down for IMPORTANT INFO YOU’LL NEED for the COURAGE CLASSIC, including location change (back to Kokopelli behind Jill’s) for out Team Party

Wow!  We had a great week guys with our team fundraising total cranking up $35K in one week.  Just think where we might be when the 25 riders who are still at $0, get a chance to dust off their contacts lists and start making those “asks” on behalf of the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders… If we all take a turning “pulling” the peleton, our 10th anniversary really could turn out to be something to celebrate!

WoJ 2015 Jersey Dedication:
Remembering Hazel Sievers

This year our team’s jersey is dedicated to our late WoJ teammate Hazel Anne Sievers who was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 at the age of 7 months. Following a 6 hour surgery at Children’s Hospital Colorado to remove the tumor, four rounds of chemotherapy, another resection, and six weeks of radiation therapy, Hazel was tumor-free and loving life as a happy and curious toddler. In January 2013, after showing new and troubling symptoms, Hazel was diagnosed with a metastatic recurrence for which there is no cure. Radiation therapy was able control the pain from a massive tumor in her spine.

Despite Hazel’s tragic prognosis, she continued to live life with zest and enthusiasm. Like most kids, Hazel loved exploring the world around her. She loved watching the bees on the flowers at the Botanic Gardens, talking to the animals at the Denver Zoo, and exploring Colorado from the comfort of a backpack on hikes.

Hazel’s family and friends rode and fundraised with the Wheels of Justice for the last 2 years as “Team H.”  We all cheered for Hazel and her crew as they took the stage at our Team Party last year on July 19. Sadly, just two weeks later, Hazel passed away peacefully at the age of 3.

Hazel’s family – including dad David, mom Emily and grandmother Kim – are all grateful for the quality of life and happy years that Hazel enjoyed thanks to the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, and continues to support their efforts to provide a cure through the Courage Classic.  They will ride once again with the Wheels of Justice this year as “Team H.”

2) Great training ride last week on an epic course up Golden Gate Canyon, across Peak-to-Peak and up and down Coal Creek Canyon, too.  A HUGE thank-you to our sponsor Watson and ride leader Ben Maxwell for hosting. We were especially happy to have riders from amazing WoJ Partner Team “Kick Cancer’s Ass join the fun and suffering!



FRIDAY, JULY 17  4:00 TO 7:00PM

  • Wheels of Justice Arrival Party at Alpinista Restaurant  on the left as you enter under the Passage Point arch towards Burning Stones Plaza.
  • Alpinista’s wonderful owner Peter is reserving his entire patio for the Wheels of Justice Team.  So pick up your packet at the Copper Conference Center (3:30-8:00pm) and then head over to Alpinista’s for a terrific happy hour with great drink and food specials just for us! 25% OFF for all WoJ Members and families!
  • Heather will be there from about 3:30pm to 6:30pm to help with apparel or any other issues, so please join us on Alpinista’s awesome patio!  Wear your WoJ training shirt!

SUNDAY, JULY 19, Team Party 2:00-4:30pm (note shortened end time); then WoJ 10th Anniversary Recognition at Courage Classic Event

  • WHEELS OF JUSTICE TEAM PARTY (not new location,  the Kokopelli room, near Jill’s – our old location)
  • Join us for our annual team celebration during the Courage Classic!  We’ll have free burgers, hot dogs, beer, lemonade and iced tea (while it lasts!) for team members and their families.  Also, we’ll thank our wonderful sponsors and hear from the families whose lives have been changed by the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.  Plus the CCBD doctors will let us know how the money we raise helps them in their life-saving efforts.
  • **** The program will begin at 3:30pm. Then at 4:30pm, we’ll head to the adjacent stairs to have our team picture taken, and then to Burning Stones Plaza, where at 5:00PM SHARP the Team’s 10th Anniversary will be celebrated at an all-Courage-Classic event!  Please wear your WoJ training shirt to the parties and picture session.  YOU MUST WEAR A 2015 WOJ TRAINING SHIRT TO BE IN THE PICTURE (as we use the photos on thank-you plaques for our sponsors!!)  Please wear these shirts when walking around at Copper, as we’ll be able to identify each other and it’s great PR for the team.

B) Safety & Sportsmanship at the Courage Classic The Courage Classic is an amazing, fun and inspirational event!  BUT IT’s NOT A RACE!  For the last SEVEN years we’ve had ZERO WOJ INJURIES! (unlike 2007 when we had 3 riders go down hard).  We all know that this can happen to any of us at any time when we ride this type of terrain and conditions  — but we’ll help our odds by taking it easy, always signaling or announcing intentions to turn, slow or stop and being super-aware of all those around us.  Many injuries happen not on the open road but in small spaces and at low speeds–like parking lots and bike paths–so make sure your periscope is up at all times.  Remember, our goal this year again is ZERO WoJ injuries.  Let’s all do our part.

Also please remember to be extra courteous and supportive of your fellow riders on the Tour — we are all part of the Courage Classic’s largest team, we have the coolest swag, we have been #1 for the last several years and we’re known to some as “the Lawyers’ Team” (even though we have soooo many wonderful non-lawyers and we’re now known too as the “CCBD Team”), so people are pretty much pre-disposed to think we’re a bunch of jerks.  But, as we’ve done the last nine years, let’s surprise ‘em by showing that we are actually the friendliest team –  Announce yourself before you pass by saying: “on your left”, give all others a wide berth, offer to stop and help those with flats or other problems and approach the whole thing with a BIG smile and a hug, if you can.  Remember, you’ll be wearing the Wheels of Justice colors, so in effect you are an ambassador for the Denver legal and business community.  Last year, it was wonderful to hear so many great comments about how positively our team was perceived. Let’s keep the love going in our 10TH year!

4) NON-RIDER VOLUNTEERS NEEDED SUNDAY FOR TEAM PARTY: IS YOUR SPOUSE OR FRIEND INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING FOR THE TEAM AT THE COURAGE CLASSIC?: We especially need volunteers at the Team Party on Sunday July 19, mainly with set-up at 1pm and also with ONE-HOUR shifts continuing till 4pm.   If you know of volunteers, please ask them to contact me via email.

5) SOCK IT TO the CCBD! BUY SOCKS @ THE TEAM PARTY ON SUNDAY (checks or cash only)

  **** Cycling socks w/ WoJ logo!  $15 (includes tax)! These socks will go well with any current or previous WoJ team kits. All profits from sock sales go to support team expenses and to Children’s Hospital Colorado!
S/M: Euro size 35-42 (about US 6 to 9)
L/XL: Euro size 43-47 (about US 9.5 to 13)
Sizes are approximate, but there is quite a bit of stretch in the socks.

Last year, our 271 riders raised more than $375,000 to make a real difference for the kids, families and doctors at the Children’s Hospital Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD) – bringing our nine-year fundraising total to more than $2.3 millionIn 2015, we have now passed the $2.5 million mark!

*******Our Amazing WoJ SPONSORS SO FAR have helped us to raise more than $166,000!

Holland & Knight

Caruso Family Foundation
Cooley LLP
Sigma Tau

American Express
Pryor Johnson Carney Karr Nixon
Hall & Evans
Western States Fire Protection Co.
Rocky Mountain Childhood Cancer Foundation
Baxter International, Inc.
Novo Nordisk

Colorado Bar Association
Denver Bar Association

Plaza Catering
LSI Colorado

Thank you and see you on the road soon!


WoJ Rider Brandon Nuechterlein on TV

Please watch this inspirational Television interview with the Wheels of Justice rider Brandon Nuechterlein.  Embed the video in your donation request e-mails and let people hear first hand what the CCBD is doing for people  like Brandon!

Excellent job Brandon!  You are an inspiration!