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WoJ Update: $78K & 186 Riders; Special DAC Offer; Last Chance to Register for the CC; Tips from Megan; Training Ride Sat; July 7 Ride in Glenwood Springs.

Going, going gone: The Courage Classic has now officially closed BUT teams like ours are being offered a special wormhole through which those last WoJ wannabes can register FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. . . So please shake your procrastinating pals awake and send them this LINK: (note only registration as a team rider is allowed)!

1) Special Offer from the DENVER ATHLETIC CLUB to the Wheels of Justice Community (riders and fans too!)

The Denver Athletic Club (our awesome sponsor and Kick-Off Party host) is pleased to offer Wheels of Justice supporters a private tour of our landmark facility, and a complimentary two-week trial membership to our Club.

In addition, those who register for this year’s Courage Classic may receive free endurance coaching, including aerobic testing and a written training plan, compliments of the Denver Athletic Club’s Fitness Director, Scott Poston, M.S.

To redeem your special offer, contact Lauren Schwartz, director of marketing at or 720.931.6748. Tours are scheduled by appointment only.

DAC is a terrific club and strong supporter of WoJ – the best way we can say “thank you” is by adding some members to their rolls.  It’s especially great for cyclists, so please check it out!

Click HERE to download flyer

2) Training Tips from our WoJ Coach Megan Hottman (or Everything You Wanted to Know About Cycling but Were Afraid to Ask)!

We’re so lucky to have Megan Hottman (of the Hottman Law Firm) as our coach and this year, for the first time, she’ll be riding the Courage Classic with us too.  Her next WoJ Clinic will take place July 14, but till then here are some peleton pearls of wisdom from Megan:

At our last Lookout Mtn clinic last weekend, I strayed from my usual verbage about climbing and descending and got into some general tips that will make the 3-day CC ride more enjoyable.  Here are a few things we discussed:

1.  Always wear full fingered gloves ANY time you ride.

2.  Use chamois cream.  Always.  And get out of your cycling shorts as SOON as your ride has ended for the day.  Saddle sores can be ride/race enders.

3.  Don’t wear underwear under cycling shorts.  Chamois against bare skin = happy butt.  Therefore, wash your shorts after each use, preferably in a washing machine and not by hand (hand tends to leave some salt still in there which can agitate your skin on next wear).

4.  CONSISTENCY in training.  If your training consists of 10 mile rides on the bike paths, the CC will be hard for you.  However if you do a few 40-50 mile rides here and there, and some of your training is on climbs, like Lookout or Squaw pass, you will be prepared.  Try to ride at least 2-3 x/week, even if just for 45-60 minutes.  The CC will be VERY fun and enjoyable for you if your body is used to riding for long periods of time and used to climbing.  IT is very easy to put in a bit of work now in order to assure that the CC is not a LOT of work for you.  Train and prepare, consistency will reward you for your efforts.

5.  Consider ice bath or compression tights or both, after days 1 and 2, to give your legs the best possible chance of being fresh all 3 days.  Fill your hotel tub with cold water and ice and sit in it for 10-15 minutes.  Or even better, sit in a cold creek nearby.  

6.  During the event try to stay off your legs.  Don’t walk a bunch or stand.  Your legs will repay you with fatigue when you’re riding.  Try to be a bit more conscious about how you eat and drink in the evenings to properly fuel for your next day’s ride! 

7.  Don’t stop and eat at all of the rest stations (or any, if you can avoid it).  Rather, take in small amounts of calories the entire time you’re riding and try to avoid stopping for long breaks.  It’s so much harder to start again once you’ve filled your belly or stopped riding for more than 10 minutes.  Therefore practice eating and drinking while on training rides so you’re comfortable reaching into your pockets, etc.

8.  Those of you with MTB visors on your helmets -take them off -they don’t help your visibility, esp when you’re descending down in your drops *where you should be. 

9.  Wear snug fitting jerseys, not large baggy ones.  First, you want to be aerodynamic so you have to do less work (large jersey = sail in the wind working against you).  Second, if it’s too big and you fill your back pockets, the jersey will pull up around your neck = uncomfortable).  There’s a reason the guys racing the TDF wear skintight cycling kits.  

10.  I prefer pumps to co2 cartridge systems.  Whatever you use, be sure you’ve practiced and know how to make it work.  Never ride with any less than one spare tube.  And be sure your valve length is appropriate for your wheels (ie some valves are too short for deep dish rims and that tube will be impossible to pump or air up on the road side.  Consider a valve extender if you need one — but the take home lesson here is SORT THIS STUFF OUT on training rides or at home -not on the roadsides of the CC ;) ) .  

The ultimate goal is to get to the CC properly trained and prepared, so that you can knock out 3 days of enjoyable riding free from pain or suffering.  A few small things will go a long ways towards this goal.  

Thanks for reading.  As always feel free to email me with questions:



MEETING POINT: At the Parking lot by the softball field in Silverthorne which is behind the Red Village of the outlet malls.  Directions:  I-70 West to Silverthorne Exit; Right at exit; Left at first light on to Wildernest Lane; Left at next light onto Stephens Way; right on River Road to behind the stores and near the softball field, park in back of lot.  

Here’s a link for google maps Dropped Pin 

RIDE DESCRIPTION/ROUTE  Approx. 40 miles round-trip with about 2800 feet of climbing;
Start at softball field, ride up short hill and turn right at top to pick up bike path to Dam Road;
Turn right at Dam road and stay on bike path across Dam Road, through Frisco marina, cross Hwy 9
At intersection with main Copper-Breckenridge bike path, turn left and head toward Breckenridge
Left at high school and up and over Swan Mtn Road
Right toward Keystone at bottom of Swan Mountain
From Keystone up road to Montezuma
Turn around at Montezuma  and back through Keystone; stay on bike path past Keystone (not going over Swan Mtn again) to Dam Road and back to start

There are many places to turn around or cut the ride short:
- anywhere along the bike path before climbing Swan Mtn for a shorter out and back
- once over Swan Mtn can just turn left and go back to start for a shorter loop

My husband, Steven Curray, will join me in leading the ride.
Please RSVP via email to me at by Friday at 6pm.

If you will not make it please email/call by 8:30 Sat morning.  If it snows or something drastic so we have to cancel I will send out a group email.
Emily cell 303-887-7614
Steven cell 720-530-3447

4) And here’s a heads-up for a unique training ride hosted on July 7 by the Roaring Forks – a terrific team based in Glenwood Springs who have decided to team up with the Wheels of Justice in the fight against childhood cancer.  Robert and I plan to go and make a weekend of it.  We hope more WoJ riders will join us!  Many thanks to Pat Bohman and the Roaring Forks for organizing this! 


Glenwood Springs to Aspen and back along the Rio Grande Trail 

Training ride host:  The Roaring Forks
            Please RSVP to Pat by July 5th at

Meeting Location:  1905 Blake Avenue, Glenwood Springs, CO. (Mountain Family Health Center).  Bagels will be provided so come early.           

Directions from I70:  Take exit 116 for CO-82 E toward Glenwood Springs/ Aspen
Turn right onto CO-82 E
Take the 2nd right onto 6th St
Take the 1st right onto Grand Ave
Turn left onto 19th St
Take the 1st right onto Blake Ave Destination will be on the right

Ride Summary/Distance/Ride Difficulty
Ride will start at 10:00 a.m. sharp on Saturday July 7
please RSVP to
Out and back from Glenwood to Aspen on the Rio Grande Trail. Distance to Aspen is 40 miles with a vertical gain of 2120 feet. The turnaround point in Aspen is Stein Park. 
For information on the Rio Grande Trail go to
Riders are free to turn around at any point during the ride. We will finish at The Rivers Restaurant in Glenwood at 4:00 p.m. for drinks and hors devours. The Rivers is a block from the trail and will be marked by signs.

* SIGN UP TO RIDE: So far 179 riders (up from 173 last week) have registered via our team page at — please sign up now and don’t delay – as this ride has sold out in the past. You sure don’t want to miss this one!  The Courage Classic is now over 100% sold out (with one last chance for team rgistrants, so please don’t delay.
*  RECRUIT YOUR FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES: If you know anyone who is ready to both fundraise and ride this year, please forward this email to them and ask them to visit our website at Then tell them what a great experience you’ve had as a WoJ ride and ask them to join you and the team on this year’s quest! Remember both lawyers and non-lawyers are welcome, as well as all fitness levels. We gear the team to accommodate all levels and offer great team parties and apparel, plus weekly training rides and coaching!
** SEND OUT THOSE FUNDRAISING EMAILS: Now’s the time to start sending emails to all of your contacts and asking then to support your ride.  Cast your net wide: ask your family, friends, co-workers, vendors, clients, service providers, former classmates, old flames, etc.  You never know who will be moved by your courage in taking on a 157 mile ride through the Rocky Mountains or by your commitment to help in the fight against childhood cancer – until you ask them!

DEEPEST THANKS TO OUR AMAZING 2012 TEAM SPONSORS, who have helped us to raise $72,500 so far: 

$10,000 Level
Lathrop & Gage

$5,000 Level
Faegre Baker Daniels
Sheridan Ross
Cooley LLP
Polsinelli Shugart
Towne Park
Stern Curray
Denver Athletic Club
Saunders Construction
Access Pharma

$2,500 Level
Cruiser Accessories
Hall & Evans LLC
Pryor Johnson Carney Karr Nixon
Burns Figa & Will

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