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Hey Team,

I’m just following up to keep the inspiration going strong.  Since my last email 11 days ago you have added $11K to our team total and catapulted us past the $300K mark!  Way to go!

But I’m here to beg you to keep going . . .that’s the only way we’ll be able to come close to last year’s record-setting contribution of $375K. Can we generate another $25K in the next 20 days?  The answer is up to each of us!

Why not send out an email to ALL of your contacts describing your experience of the Courage Classic (including some photos) and ask them to pitch in ANY amount to help the kids, families and docs at the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders?

1) GREAT TEMPLATE EMAIL TEXT:  To help you out, I’m sharing with you a terrific email recently sent out by our WoJ teammate David Gensch, who has raised more than $3500 so far (much to his own amazement!).  David has graciously allowed me to share the email with you, and we would love for you to use this as a template — modify his language as your own and then send out to a very long list of past and potential donors.  I noticed that David sent it to 89 people, plus he included great pics from his ride – all key elements in a successful fundraising email. Scroll down for great text and pics below.


All of us who attended the WoJ Team Party at Copper Mountain on July 20 were inspired by so much that was said, including the words of the brave families who have lost children to cancer but continue to fight and fundraise so that other kids have a better chance for survival.  We were also privileged to hear from Dr. Nick Foreman, who directs the Neuro-Oncology program at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Hospital Colorado.  Nick talked about the impact that our WoJ teammate Steven Adams (who passed away last year) and his wife Joan Slaughter have had on the fight against pediatric cancer via the amazing nonprofit they founded, the Morgan Adams Foundation.  I asked Nick to summarize what he said and am sharing it with you here.  Please also feel free to use this sentiment and these words to fundraise even more for this worthy cause:

What I learned from Steven Adams, a man who rode many years with the Wheels of Justice…

Steven Adams was an incredible man — an artist, an entrepreneur and above all a husband and a father. When his beloved daughter, Morgan, was diagnosed with a brain tumor with few treatment options, Steven — a man of enormous energy — was surprised by how little research there was in pediatric brain tumors. In particular he looked at the brain tumor group at Children’s Hospital Colorado and saw a growing and dynamic clinical group but with little going on in research. He was determined to change this and his determination grew with Morgan’s death.

His determination and vision was central to the transformation of the CCBD brain tumor group from an excellent clinical program to one of the world’s leading research groups in childhood brain tumors with more federal research dollars in the past year then any other group in the USA.  This was achieved in 2 ways:

  1. 1.      Knowing the value of small grants to seed fund research.  Relatively small amounts of money could open the way to major grants that could have a major impact on care and cure.  The availability of such grants as a well as the vision that these could drive important research made it possible to recruit talented staff.  So a $40,000 grant to Dr. Rajeev Vibhakar enabled him to do the basic research to then successfully compete for a $1.2 million grant from federal funds to explore a more targeted therapy in medulloblastoma, where cure too often is obtained by wide field radiation at too much cost to the child.  $60,000 to Dr Jean Mulcahy Levy enabled her to obtain a federal grant for $500,000 that has driven a new therapy for children, with a particular genetic mutation in their brain tumor, who were previously incurable.
  2. 2.      Steven was not content with being a passive observer of research being done by the “doctors”.  He was always demanding more, faster.  He would always be willing to ask how would this research idea would benefit children and when. And if he found that the idea could be of real help, he would ask how could he find seed funding for it.  He was engaged.

Steven will sadly not ride with the Wheels of Justice again.  But in his memory I would ask you to remember that the initial seed funding of research is critical even if the sums seem rather small.  Your contribution may make the vital difference in getting a research project seeded that may open the way to a cure for a child.  Also stay engaged! … Your community of riders are now stake holders in this effort and you should push and demand more from us, the doctors of children with cancer.

Nick Foreman
Program Leader, Neuro-Oncology
Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders
Children’s Hospital Colorado


****David Gensch’s email text and photos – please use as a template for your own!

The 25th annual Courage Classic bike ride, a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital Colorado.

A good bit of you will know about this and some of you I might be reaching out to for the first time.

I felt more involved in this year’s event as we pulled into Copper Mountain for the 25th Courage Classic because of the amazing support and donations that I have received from many of you, as well as having a few more personal relationships with some of the volunteers, staff, and patients.  Thank you all so much!

I rode this year’s ride with my father and our good friend Ed Murray.  Saturdays ride took us on the “Copper Triangle” route in great weather and it was a brisk ride over Fremont pass to Leadville. The valley from Leadville to the summit of Tennessee pass is stunning as many 14,000′ peaks surround you. The descent into Minturn is fun and fast and then a long climb up and over Vail pass finishes it off for a total of 80.2 miles and 10,782′ vertical feet of climbing.  On Saturday evening there was a great event in the town center commemorating the 25th anniversary of this fundraising ride.  Our team, Wheels of Justice, was honored for collecting over $2,000,000 in donations since the team’s inception.  The numerous dedications and stories from parents, children and staff, eventually left not a dry eye in the crowd.  The head medic of the event and Children’s Hospital employee whose life had been saved at Children’s as a child, even called his girlfriend (whom he had met at work) to the stage and told us that Children’s saved his life twice.  He got on one knee and proposed to her in front of all of us.  A very touching evening clarifying the many reasons that we are all here…Intense for sure!

Sunday morning’s ride started out in the frigid 10 mile canyon and then warmed up along the banks of Lake Dillon.  A nice flat mid morning ride brought us to Ute pass which is a great steady climb on both sides with glorious mountainous views from the summit.  As always the ride back to Lake Dillon makes you look straight ahead and pedal your heart out because every 10-30 seconds a large SUV or truck towing a boat, screams by you at 60+ miles an hour vaguely acknowledging the supposed “3 ft. rule”…(SCARY).  A nice ride in to Keystone, and over Swan Mountain took us back to Frisco and then back up 10 mile canyon to Copper for a total of 80.15 miles and 9,544 of vertical feet of climbing.  Sunday afternoon, Wheels of Justice had their annual banquet and ceremony.  This year they honored the top fundraising riders in the team, honored all the people on the team who were patients at Children’s and then brought up some families to tell their stories.  This year, for the first time, families with children who had passed, shared their journeys.  As a parent of two young boys, these stories make you check yourself like nothing else. The true courage and drive that they all share expound upon the importance of this event.  The head neuro-oncology surgeon came up and explained how places like Children’s are able to “leverage” smaller donation amounts to get federal grants and truly make large strides in treatment and research to improve not only the success rate but the quality of life during the fight and after.  It is so fulfilling to be a part of this and each of you who contributed are part of it too.  A beautiful, heavy, emotional, and inspiring evening it was for sure.

Monday’s ride again took us down 10 mile canyon and then up to Breckenridge.  From there we rode up to the summit of Hoosier pass at 11,539′ and returned to Copper along the same route for a total of 55.57 miles and 7,560 vertical feet of climbing.   We rode a grand total of 216 miles and just under 28,000′ of climbing in three days.  I can assure you that the physical elation measured up short in comparison to the emotional experience and satisfaction for the much larger picture of what this event represents.  The 25th anniversary celebration on Sunday night was also a great visual history of the event and again a tear-jerker as the many different stories, past and present were shared.

I want to sincerely thank each of you who contributed.  You are making a great difference in many children’s lives as well as their families.  Thanks to you all, I am now one of the top 100 earners this year.  I want to encourage those of you who have not had a chance to contribute, to go to and donate to my ride under the Wheels of Justice team, rider number 2303…Even $5.00 counts, seriously.  We have until August 31st.  100% of the team’s donations go to the fight against childhood cancer and blood disorders.  Once again I feel so humbled, proud, optimistic, supportive and empathetic.  This was a very real experience, and I could not have done it without all your help.

Thank you,
David Gensch

Last year, our 271 riders raised more than $375,000 to make a real difference for the kids, families and doctors at the Children’s Hospital Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD) – bringing our eight-year fundraising total to more than $1.98 million. In 2014, we have now passed the $2.2 million mark!

*******Our Amazing WoJ SPONSORS SO FAR have helped us to raise more than $302,000! 

Lathrop & Gage

Caruso Family Foundation
Cooley LLP
Sigma Tau
Century Link

Caplan and Earnest LLC
Hall & Evans
Dufford & Brown
Stern & Curray
Pryor Johnson Carney Karr Nixon
Novo Nordisk
Alison Dunlap Coaching

Super Friends
Denver Bar Association
Colorado Bar Association

Thank you and see you on the road soon!


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