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Though the weather outside is frightful, dreams of cycling for kids are delightful! I’m dropping you this note to let you know that registration for the 25th Courage Classic, July-19-21, is now open! CLICK this link now to secure your spot on the #1 Team in Colorado’s most inspiring cycling event.

Last year, our 271 riders raised more than $375,000 to make a real difference for the kids, families and doctors at the Children’s Hospital Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD) – bringing our eight-year fundraising  total to more than $1.98 million. In 2014, we aim to blow past the $2 million mark by raising $400,000.

What’s new for 2014 in WoJ Land?  We’ve got lots of new training rides in the works (including Garden of the Gods, the Monument Ride in Grand Junction and Guanella Pass), a new cycling coach, and even a special WoJ “Start Me Up” Fitness Class.  Plus, we’ll bring back so much of what the WoJ Experience so fun: local weekly training rides, awesome team apparel as fundraising incentive and fun events  (including our Kick-Off Party in early June). .  AND, right now, we need your help in recruiting team sponsors.   So please read on:

1) Thank you, Coach Megan!

First, we want to send our deepest thanks to long-time WoJ Coach Megan Hottman, who has decided to move on this year.  Megan made all of us better riders, and we’ll always be grateful the many years she spent getting us up and down those mountains in safety and in style.  We’ve been thrilled to see the huge success of her law practice at The Hottman Law Office (where she specializes in representing injured cyclists and triathletes) and also her The Cycling Team. Megan, we wish you the best and hope to see lots of you on the road and at the Courage Classic!

2) WoJ Welcomes New Coach Alison Dunlap!

Next, we’re delighted to welcome our new coach for 2014: Alison Dunlap.  Alison is a superstar in the sport of cycling.  She competed in two Olympic Games, won the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships, the UCI World Cup Overall, and is the holder of thirteen US National Championships in road, MTB, and cyclocross.  Since retiring in 2005 Alison has been working full-time coaching cyclists and running skills camps and clinics. She is a USA Cycling Level I coach, a certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructor, a Wilderness First Responder, and a very proud mom to her 3-yr-old son, Emmett.  Alison is a Colorado native and lives in Colorado Springs with her family.  For more information please visit

Alison will be coaching 3 rides for the team this year: June 7 at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs; June 21 at Lookout Mountain and July 12 (Location TBD). She’ll also be offering us weekly tips during the season and personalized monthly training plans at discounted rates to registered WoJ riders.  Please visit Alison’s site for more info on those plans, and if you’re interested in signing-up, please email us at  For Alison’s first training tip (on how to handle colds while you’re training, please scroll down to the bottom of this email.

3) WoJ “Start-Me-Up” Boot Camp, Sundays from 12-1, March 9-April 27 (8 weeks)

Gang, for the last year, I’ve been doing Meta-Fit Classes with Coach Vic Brabo at 303 Training Center (in Westminster near US 36 & Sheridan), and those workouts have made me stronger, lighter and finally (after many years of trying!) a better climber on my bike.  The one-hour classes are aerobically challenging, super-positive and involve the many of the same moves Vic uses to train Colorado’s top boxers and MMA competitors (no fighting, just a kick-ass, full body workout).  And all fitness levels are welcome. Coach Vic has kindly offered to lead an 8-week set of classes for the Wheels of Justice on Sundays from 12-1pm starting next Sunday March 9 at 303 Training Center.  If the weather gets nicer, we might even go outdoors at Red Rocks.  The cost is $120 for 8 weeks ($15/class) or $20 per single class.  Try the class for free with me on Sunday, Mar. 10 to check it out, but we’ll need at least 5 people to commit to the 8 week set in order to go forward with it from there.  For more info, please contact me (Heather Leja) at

So how can you help us get the 2014 bandwagon rolling up and over that $2 million mountain?

4) HELP US APPROACH POTENTIAL TEAM SPONSORS by MAY 10:  Please consider approaching your firm or company now to see if they will become a 2014 Wheels of Justice sponsor.  We find that sponsorship “asks” are most successful when they come from the “inside” – so that means YOU approaching YOUR boss, business partner, vendors, clients, neighbors and others with a personal appeal to sponsor the team.  Our sponsors tell us that they love seeing their logo on all of our ads, apparel and other material – from both a Marketing and a Community Service perspective.  If you need help with your approach, please contact us and we can send you all of our sponsorship materials and even come to your office to make a presentation with a doctor from Children’s Hospital! The deadline for sponsorship commitments is May 10.

Your WoJ Leadership Council has already been hard at work and so far has brought in more than $27,500 in sponsorship commitments to get us started right.  See our list of sponsors so far at the end of this message and, if you have the opportunity, please thank these amazing companies and firms for supporting this worthy cause!

5) START SENDING OUT EMAILS TO YOUR CONTACTS:  This is the “secret” that lies at the core of all of our fundraising. It’s simple but powerful.  You tell your friend (or colleague, client, vendor or neighbor) about the amazing, life-saving work happening at the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders; then explain the personal commitment you’ve made to this cause by training for months to ride 157 miles through the Rockies; and finally ask your friend to share in this crazy, beautiful effort by clicking a link and making a tax-deductible contribution.  When we each make the effort to make as many of these “asks” as possible, we know from experience that a huge ripple of good will is unleashed that translates into millions of dollars to help in the fight against childhood cancer. So please load up those contacts onto your Courage Classic rider page, cast your net wide and hit SEND.  You’ll never know, till you ask!

6) LIKE US AND JOIN US ON FACEBOOK!   Keep up to date with the Wheels of Justice team and spread the word by “liking” us on Facebook!

You can also join our WoJ Facebook Group to coordinate with your teammates on things like training ride meet-ups and travel plans for Copper!/groups/58302100863

How should I handle a cold? I always seem to get them late spring and it takes all my speed and power away.

Being athletes makes us susceptible to getting sick because of the constant state of fatigue we always seem to put our bodies in.  There are some easy things you can do to avoid getting colds, as well as some good strategies for dealing with a cold once you get one.

Probably the biggest reason we get sick is we let our bodies get run down.  When training, make sure you are getting a lot of sleep.  I always needed at least 8-9hrs of sleep when training.  For those of us that have full time jobs and families this isn’t realistic.  Do the best you can.  Also very important to make sure you are eating healthy.  For women it is important to get an adequate amount of iron in your diet.  Low iron can result in anemia which can make it very easy for your body to get sick over and over again.  Be sure to eat lots of whole grains, fruits and veggies and limit high fat foods such as meat and dairy.  Another reason we get sick is we let ourselves get dehydrated.  Hydration is the key to health!  Did you know a 150lb individual has almost 50 quarts of water in his body?  Dehydration can make you more susceptible to viruses, can prevent your body from recovering after hard workouts, and keeps your body from flushing out the toxins produced over night.  Eating the right foods, drinking water, and sleeping are key to healthy living!

What can you do once you get a cold?  For me the best thing to do is sleep as much as possible.  If possible take long naps during the day and sleep in as long as you can.  If work prevents this, then go to bed early and avoid the usual nighttime activities that keep you up late.  The next thing you need to do is drink a lot of water.  Pure water will help flush out the toxins in your body.  When your body is hydrated, drainage from allergies and colds doesn’t stick and collect in your throat and lungs, and your cough is more “productive”.  I like to drink three nalgene bottles of water a day minimum.  Some other things that have worked for me are sucking on zinc lozenges and taking Zicam, a homeopathic anti-cold remedy.  Sometimes these work for me and sometimes they don’t.  Unfortunately a lot of times a cold just has to run its course, which can often be 10 days to two weeks

What about training when you have a cold?  If you have a mild head cold, then easy to moderate exercise is ok.  I would not do any kind of intensity.  If your cold has dropped into your chest, then only 1hr recovery rides are recommended.  If these irritate your lungs and cause you to cough, then ride indoors.  Again, no intensity.  If your cold turns into the flu and you have a fever, then no riding whatsoever.  Wait until the fever is gone before getting back on your bike.  In general, the less “training” you do while sick, the quicker you will recover.  The problem most of us have as cyclists is we can’t stand the thought of not riding and we start to panic that we are losing fitness.  So we go out and train while sick.  This will prolong your illness and can lead to complications.  The head cold might turn into the flu.  The flu might turn into bronchitis, and bronchitis might turn into pneumonia.  Let yourself be sick.  Give your body a chance to fight the cold/flu and you’ll recover faster. 

Every athlete out there will get sick at least once a year.  Everything evens out in the end.  Don’t stress when you get sick.  Do the best you can and hopefully you will be back on your bike in a few days.


*******Our Amazing WoJ SPONSORS SO FAR have helped us to raise more than $17,500 

Lathrop & Gage


Caplan and Earnest LLC

Thank you and see you on the road soon!


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