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WoJ Update: $281K & Rising; Fundraise thru 8/31; Welcome Kick Cancer’s Ass & Team YAPS; 11/8 Appreciation Party @ CHC..SAVE THE DATE

**** SAVE THE DATE: WoJ Appreciation Party, Nov. 8, 6-8pm @ CHC***** 

YOU ARE SUPER, Wheels of Justice!!

What a time we had at the Courage Classic!  It’s hard to believe but it’s only been a couple of weeks since we finished our ride up at Leadville on July 23.  Thanks to all of you who rode up with our teammate Steven Adams that morning (see picture).  Word is that Steven is home and recovering well from his surgery.  We are with you Steven!

Thanks also to the amazing number of you who pitched in to make our Sunday party at Copper –as well as the whole Courage Classic circus — a big success – both from a team perspective and from the perspective of the kids, docs, nurses and administrators at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

Right now, our team total stands at an epic $281,000 . . . and we still have another 24 days to fundraise.   Just as we learned from our party speaker at Copper, 13 year-old Kai Rackley, the kids and families at the CCBD don’t quit or rest on their laurels (or their rolling sneakers!) after one good result.  They press on to do everything possible to beat cancer, just as Kai did when he was facing a bone marrow transplant.  And, no matter the outcome, many have the courage and grace to come back and tell their stories at events like ours and fundraise like crazy – all to help others facing the same challenges.

SO TEAM, WE’RE NOW AT 94% OF OUR $300K GOAL . .. HOW FAR DO YOU THINK WE COULD GO IF WE ALL PULLED TOGETHER FOR THE NEXT 24 DAYS??  I personally think we could make this the best team effort EVER seen at the Courage Classic.  What will it take?  How about each of us pledging to send just one more round of emails to friends who haven’t responded yet (often, they are just busy and appreciate the reminder).  Or how about we think of new folks to ask . . .have you approached your neighbors, clients, hair stylist, vendors, cycling buddies,  or old friends from high school and college?  How about having a BBQ or poker night at your house and asking everyone to chip in $5 to $10?  Give it some thought and if you try something that works, please drop me a note and I’ll share with the group.

Thank you again Wheels of Justice for all you do . . . you continue to inspire and amaze every year!


Gang, we are so happy and proud that another 2 great teams that are inspired by the fight against pediatric cancer have decided to join forces with the Wheels of Justice (joining others like Team Ellie, Brent’s Place, Roaring Forks).  Both teams illustrate the ideas outlined above . .  thinking creatively and never giving up!

First, Team YAPS is an incredible program at Children’s Hospital that matches up dogs fighting cancer with kids doing the same – they become friends and pen pals, often after each has endured an amputation.  Founded by CCBD nurse Anne Ingalls, the YAPS program has brought inspiration and comfort to many youngsters and pups alike and is now being replicated around the US and internationally.  To read more about YAPS, see this recent article in BARK magazine:
Thanks to Anne, Connie and all YAPS members for joining us for the first time ever – we are honored to have you with us!

Next, we’re also thrilled to welcome back team KICK CANCER’S ASS to the Wheels of Justice family for the second year in a row.  Their incredible team captain Amy Goodner kindly agreed to share KCA’s (and her own story) with us below.  Read on and be inspired!  Please use Amy’s example as a motivator to send out those emails and work just a little bit harder to help WoJ to KICK CANCER’S ASS, TOO!! Thank you AMY and all KCA members for all you do! 

“Team Kick Cancer’s Ass, is a proud member of Wheels Of Justice for the 2nd year!   It’s our team’s 3rd year riding, and 2nd year merging with Wheels of Justice.  We’ve been able to grow each of the 3 years.  Our team was started as my daughter, Delaney, was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer, in June, 2008.  When we decided to start a Courage Classic team, I remembered a 19 year-old young man in Wyoming who was being treated at Childrens with another rare cancer. During one of Delaney’s hospital stays in Fall, 2008, I was fortunate to meet his awesome, strong mother. Unfortunately, that was to be his last trip to the hospital.  Before he passed he told his mom to tell Delaney to Kick Cancer’s Butt. When I mentioned it to my son and friend, being the teenagers they are, they recommended a slight change to Kick Cancer’s Ass.  Delaney also loved it!  Blunt seems to be in our genes! 

Delaney was in treatment and unable to ride with us the first 2 years.  This year she was with us in spirit as she left us in December, 2011.  3.5 years after diagnosis, she was 16 years old. 

Below are a few of the highlights showing how much she was with us:
-     This was the first year we’ve had our ‘Kick Cancers Ass’ jerseys and matching biking shorts.  They were a huge success!
-         My team was so great.  They put up with me.  We had a team party on Friday evening before Day 1 of the ride so everyone could meet each other.  I gave each team member one of Delaney’s wristbands and told them to remember Delaney and all the children as they start their ride and when they hit the tough summits.  It’s all about the children.
-         On Saturday morning I met up with Delaney’s orthopedic surgeon nurse at a rest area.  As I’m introducing some team members to her a man asks to take our picture as he loves our jersey.   Turns out his 14 year old neighbor boy was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  The nurse is also this boy’s nurse.
-         On Saturday when I arrived to the top of Vail Pass I took a short break to walk away from all the people and play  ’10,000 Angels’ while I talked with Delaney and told her how much she means to us, how we miss her, and how we’re fighting so hard in her honor.
-         Before our team pictures, I read a letter a 5th grader wrote shortly after Delaney left us.  Knowing how much Delaney loved Taylor Swift the letter was written using Taylor Swift song titles.
-         Saturday a team member shared that what got him to the top of the pass was when a woman behind him said she loved his ass… the shorts read ‘Kick Cancers Ass’
-         Numerous people commented on our shorts with the cranes and flamingos down the side.  Many had heard of the 1,000 Cranes story and I was able to share it with others.
-         On Sunday I ran into Delaney’s oncology nurse at a rest area.  She wore her ‘Kick Cancers Ass’ jersey on Monday of the ride.
-         On Sunday our team presented our orthopedic nurse with a jersey to give to the 14 yr old patient with osteosarcoma and presented her with one of the t-shirts honoring Delaney.
-         I ran into our orthopedic surgeon and his wife throughout the weekend.  He always rides with Team Courage.  This is a team of current and past patients who ride along side volunteers in case they need breaks, etc.
-         On Monday, after we finish the ride and the picnic and are headed to our car, a woman stops our team member who is wearing his jersey and asks to take a picture. She’s laughing as she says that she loves our jersey. 

As my son’s football coach put on the t-shirt, it’s about TEAM not about me.  And for the Courage Classic, it’s about teaming, sharing, having fun, being healthy, and focusing on supporting Children’s Hospital Colorado. Children’s has been ranked a top children’s hospital by U.S. News & World Report every year since the inception of its rankings edition in 1993. Five specialties were ranked among the top 10: Diabetes & Endocrinology (No. 4), Pulmonology (No. 7), Cancer (No. 8), Orthopedics (No. 9) and Gastroenterology (No. 10). 

Thank you!”

FINALLY, AS ALWAYS, DEEPEST THANKS TO OUR AMAZING 2012 TEAM SPONSORS, who have helped us to raise OVER $281,000 so far:

$10,000 Level
Lathrop & Gage

$5,000 Level
Faegre Baker Daniels
Cooley LLP
Polsinelli Shugart
Towne Park
Stern Curray
Denver Athletic Club
Saunders Construction
Access Pharma

$2,500 Level
Cruiser Accessories
Hall & Evans LLC
Pryor Johnson Carney Karr Nixon
Burns Figa & Will

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