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Wheels of Justice – March 25th – $83,875 Raised and climbing!!

Happy National Doctor’s Day! What a perfect day to celebrate all the wonderful doctors who ride with Wheels of Justice! We have been delighted to ride with and get to know Dr. Adam Green over the past couple years. As he just registered for 2019’s classic today, I had to share this wonderful story about him. He was a recent finalist in CHCO’s Pediatric Innovation Challenge.

Here is the project, in his words:

“I’m working on a new type of nasogastric and orogastric tube that will be able to deliver pills intact to the stomach. The idea came from a national clinical trial I’ve worked on, studying a novel chemotherapy medicine that we showed in my lab is effective in models of aggressive pediatric brain tumors. We’ve had to restrict the clinical trial only to kids who can swallow pills, and this problem is widespread in clinical trials, because most new medicines don’t have liquid formulations. It turns out there are lots of approved medicines that also can’t be given as liquids or crushed for various reasons. Also, in addition to young kids, lots of older kids and adults also can’t swallow pills because of neurologic problems. The tubes we currently use can’t accommodate pills, so we’re working on a new tube that is more flexible and will hopefully be able to mechanically move the pill to the stomach. This will allow all these patients access to clinical trials and medicines they wouldn’t be able to take otherwise.”

This #NationalDoctorsDay we are lucky to know, Dr. Adam Green! Keep up the amazing work!













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